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Our Story

A family operated garden. A simple recipe tried and trued for over 15 years. 

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Let's Introduce Ourselves!

We are Raj (father) and Ravi (son), and we grow & make pepper sauce! For years, our sauce was always a favorite among family, friends and colleagues. In 2020 when the global pandemic gave us more time in the garden, the Hot & Groovy brand was launched!


The brand name comes from a popular Calypso song, we thought represented the sauce well as its a balance of unique Caribbean inspired flavours and heat. Its the kind of sauce that makes you go "I'm dying from this spice...but I want more"

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The Garden

Did you know that peppers native to the warm climate of the Caribbean like Scotch Bonnet, Red Habanero and Wiri Wiri can also be grown in Canada?

Inside every bottle of Hot & Groovy is 100% Canadian grown peppers.

We wait until the peppers are fully ripe with bright red and yellow colours, and we pick them and blend them in the same day. We only want the freshest sauce going into our brand!

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